Collection: Become A Disciple

Join Logos' mission to introduce the beautiful glory of this experience we call human to the creatures of Earth. 

Perks of Discipleship: 

- 3 FREE pieces of clothing designed by Logos shipped to your door* 

- 3 FREE art pieces by Logos shipped to your door* 

- Preferred pricing on all merch, artwork, and live performances

- Exclusive access to Logos music, videos, and content before the general public 

- A 30 minute call with Logos to get discuss the creative process, or whatever is on your mind

- A custom poem written by Logos The God Himself.  

Your contribution will support Logos to realize his true potential, so he can help others to do the same. 



* Fulfilled every 60 days over the course of 12 months, 1st piece delivered upon your first contribution. 

** Pieces will vary

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