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The Sounds of Humanity

Logos The God emerges as a beacon of introspection and audacity. A self produced independent recording artist, Logos The God is not just a name but a journey of self-discovery delivered through a bold fusion of sounds and imagery. Displaying a unique tapestry of nuanced interpersonal social challenges from provocative thought experiments to cautionary tales, challenges his listeners to confront their own shadows amidst the allure of his melodies.

His life, a dance on the fringes of several cultural worlds, has never been tethered to a singular identity or group. This kaleidoscope of experiences has birthed a symphony of sounds in his music, a melodic alchemy that captures the whispers of forgotten tales and the roars of bold epics.

Drawing deep from the well of esoteric thought, he weaves narratives of self-overcoming, of transcending the mundane to touch the ethereal. His artistry is a portal, allowing him to don a wide range of masks, from conqueror to conquered, lover to illusive heartbreaker. Each note, each lyric, is a brushstroke in his grand sonic canvas, painting his relentless quest to answer the haunting question, "What does it really feel like to be human?"

In a world that often feels like a dark comedy, he invites you to find humor, introspection, and a touch of rebellion, and share laughs, tears, and all the nuanced, confusing, beautiful, and downright terrifying emotions that make up the human experience.

"Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again" Drops October 6th, 2023

Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again


This is Logos The God's third independent release, and proudly, the first song he produced entirely himself. From production and writing, to mixing and mastering. Gleefully he said, "Creatively, I feel unstoppable. To feel confident that I can start and finish a song in my bedroom with a great quality sound " 

Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again introduces you to a man and his poor relationship with dating apps. He's so addicted to the novelty of swiping and meeting new people that he ruins any chance of developing a rich, meaningful relationship with anyone. He warns any potential serious partners of his destructive relationship with swiping, and while seemingly remorseful, he actively feeds his addiction with no end in sight.  

Logos The God has 3 more singles following Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again, each to be released every 2-4 weeks, starting early November 2023. Titles of each single will be released on his Instagram page in the coming weeks. 

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Logos The God · Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again



Diaries Of A Golden Calf (Music Video)

Diaries Of A Golden Calf is Logos' social commentary on our culture's 'Worship of Idols.' Shiny figures that appear appealing on the surface, but only contain an endless black hole hell-bent on selfishly consuming adoration, pleasure, and all material things the sun touches, underneath. In His debut EP, "Diaries Of A Golden Calf," Logos personifies various characters, both from fact and fiction, to convey this position.

Logos Too Sexy In Hollywood (Music Video)

 His debut single, "Logos Too Sexy," boasts his nonchalant commentary on "The Worship of Aesthetic." Where he performed the act live, at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.


Diaries Of A Broken Idol (CC Cinema Special)

The Official Lyric Video for Diaries Of A Golden Calf


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