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Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again Press Release

Are The Dating Demons On Your Phone Keeping You Single?

As the digital age continues to reshape the way we connect, one artist is prompting listeners to question the very platforms designed to bring us closer. Logos The God, a rising talent in the music scene, has just released his latest single, "Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again," [Listen Here] a poignant reflection on the pitfalls of dating apps and the paradox of choice.

While dating apps promise a world of endless possibilities, they often deliver a cycle of fleeting interactions. The song delves deep into the psyche of a man trapped in the allure of swiping, so addicted to the novelty of new connections that he sabotages any chance of a meaningful relationship. But is he alone in this struggle, or is this a reflection of a broader societal dilemma?

The track is not just a personal confession but a mirror held up to society. In an era where the next match is just a swipe away, are we becoming more disconnected than ever? Are these platforms, which promise to find our perfect match, ironically keeping us from it?

Logos The God's "Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again" [Listen Here]  is more than just a song; it's a call to introspection. As he navigates his own tumultuous relationship with dating apps, he invites listeners to reflect on their own digital dating habits. Are they tools for genuine connection, or are they turning love into just another game?

With three more singles set to release over the next few months, Logos The God continues to challenge listeners, not just with his sound but with his thought-provoking narratives. Stay updated on his latest releases by following him on Instagram.

[Listen To “Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again” Here] 

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About The Artist: 

Logos The God emerges as a beacon of introspection and audacity. A self produced independent recording artist, Logos The God is not just a name but a journey of self-discovery delivered through a bold fusion of sounds and imagery. Displaying a unique tapestry of nuanced interpersonal social challenges from provocative thought experiments to cautionary tales, challenges his listeners to confront their own shadows amidst the allure of his melodies.

"Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again" Drops October 6th, 2023

Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again


This is Logos The God's third independent release, and proudly, the first song he produced entirely himself. From production and writing, to mixing and mastering. Gleefully he said, "Creatively, I feel unstoppable. To feel confident that I can start and finish a song in my bedroom with a great quality sound " 

Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again introduces you to a man and his poor relationship with dating apps. He's so addicted to the novelty of swiping and meeting new people that he ruins any chance of developing a rich, meaningful relationship with anyone. He warns any potential serious partners of his destructive relationship with swiping, and while seemingly remorseful, he actively feeds his addiction with no end in sight.  

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Logos The God · Downloaded Demons On My Phone Again



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